A boring and uninspired time: Cocaine Bear critique.

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And, ladies and gentlemen put on your seatbelts, and prepare for a rollercoaster of hilariousness! "Cocaine Bear" is an incredible ride, and in many kinds of ways. The movie takes an "bear-y" true story and transforms it into a amusing horror comedy that'll get you laughing, scratching your head and pondering the lives of bears and drug smugglers.
Cocaine Bear As soon as we meet the dashing Andrew C Thornton, played well by Matthew Rhys, you know you're set for a wild trip. The man is a smuggler who has style with grace, elegance and a ability to dump his valuable baggage in the most ominous locations. But little did he know just how he'd without knowing it, create a legend for this century--the "Cocaine Bear!" Do not think about what you believe you know about bears, and their habits of eating. This film takes a bold claim and argues that if bears drink cocaine, the don't simply party; they become bloodthirsty creatures! Get over it, Godzilla it's time to welcome a new prince in town. He's he's a bear with a habit of consuming powdered substances. Our cast of characters, such as the corrupt police or the incompetent criminals and innocent pedestrians who failed to find their way from a plastic bag is sure to keep you with laughter. Their collective incompetence truly is an amazing sight. If you're ever having a need for laughter think of how Detective Bob Springs and Officer Reba Mitchell trying to figure out a crime without accidentally shooting each other. Don't forget to mention our brave adventurers, Olaf and Elsa. We're not talking about the pair taken from "Frozen." The two hikers come across the treasures of Colombian delights, and then before you say "Bearzilla," they become those who are the most likely targets of Cocaine Bear's insatiable hunger. Who needs to be a Disney princess when you have the snorting, wild bear out in the open? It strikes the right tension between humour and horror in which you can laugh at one point and clutching you popcorn in fear next. Its body count grows faster than you can count the curls of your neck, and you'll end up cheering at every demise with pure excitement. This is the same as watching a National Geographic special hosted by Grim Reaper. Grim Reaper. Then, let's get to that climactic showdown. Imagine the scene: a waterfall flowing in the background our most fearless clan of Sari, Dee Dee, and Henry all set to go up against the Cocaine Bear. It's an epic struggle for an era, complete with blasts, bear roars and enough white powder to knock Tony Montana to shame. At the point you believe that bear's done, it's resurrected Cocaine Bear movie review by a cocaine explosion! Talk about a new era of famous proportions. Sure "Cocaine Bear" may have it's flaws. Its editing is as unsteady and jittery as a caffeine-induced squirrel it leaves you scratching at your desk and wonder if the reel was secretly used as scratching point. You needn't be worried, viewers, for the bear's CGI really is top-of-the-line. That bear steals the show even though the team of editors seemed to being on a high themselves. This film is a mixture of double-crossings, tension and unexpected bonds. It's like mixing tequila with bear saliva--unconventional and unforgettable. Then, as the credits play and you leave the theater with a smirk on your face, be sure to remember the final word of advice from the reviewer: Keep bears away from food, particularly not anything that contains drugs or hiking buddies. I guarantee it will not result in a happy ending for anyone. Take your popcorn, buckle your seat, and be swept away by the bizarre world of "Cocaine Bear." It's a singular cinematic experience which will have you in amazement, and pondering the significance of bears and their secrets of partying potential.

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